City & Guilds Star No. 2

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On Friday at 4pm, amid much hilarity I must add, the Dundee College C&G students arrived to remove the work that has been on display to the public since the 28th May. We always have a comment book so that visitors can express their views and as always, there are many lovely comments again this year.

One student whose work has been much admired during the exhibition is Cris Bonomy of Perth. She has been a student with me for four years and has been awarded a Level 3 Certificate with Distinction. Cris approaches everything she has done during her time studying C&G with the same high level of commitment to developing technique and design. Her sketchbooks always show how much work she does to experiment and look for ways of producing exactly the effect she wants. During the External Verifier’s visit this week the EV remarked upon the sketchbooks generally but in particular, said how well Cris’ reflected the whole process of design and technique development through to the end piece. Cris’ Research for Design theme was Metamorphosis and this piece explored the change that comes from the natural Highland rivers or waterfalls into hydro-electric power. An interesting idea and one that many people would balk at attempting but I hope you agree that with this hanging Cris has realised her idea very well. I particularly liked the colours she has used, the soft neutrals with overtones of warm pinks, and her stitchery in the two main panels of this piece is lovely. Along with the other students who are finishing their study, I wish Cris well for the future.

Inspired by this? Then keep an eye on this blog and see more wonderful work by my C&G students.

4 thoughts on “City & Guilds Star No. 2

  1. Well done to Cris and also to you Sheila. I imagine the ex. was stunning as usual.
    Sorry I missed the exhibition this year but I was away to Cheshire visiting my aunt prior to her celebrating her 100th birthday which was the 8th. Wonderful time.

    • Thank you Margaret, lots of good comments from visitors as usual but on to the next challenge. Did you get my email about coming back? Sounds like it was quite an occasion in Cheshire – 100! Are we going to see you soon?

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