Waieoka Gorge

The road between Auckland and Gisborne runs east to the Eastern Cape and passes through Tauranga, Whakatane and Te Puke, which it turns out is the global centre of the Kiwifruit business. After about 100kms the road starts to wind through the Waieoka Gorge, one of New Zealand’s largest scenic reserves. Quite soon after you leave Opotiki you are in the wonderful scenery of the Gorge.

The tree ferns are particularly interesting as they are some of the oldest forms of trees on the planet. There is something both exotic and ancient about these ferns. Each part of them, the stem, the canopy of fronds and the koru, the spiral of new growth that starts each frond is interesting and to see them cover the sides of the Gorge is quite incredible. Amazing, and I think they’re wonderful and fascinating.









New Zealand landscapes

The road between Auckland and Gisborne is a long one, most of it on roads that meander through a gorge which keeps the speed down. It is however stunningly beautiful, even in July which is the Southern Hemisphere winter. We arrived in Gisborne in the dark and so didn’t realise that the alluvial plain around the town is rich in agriculture including many citrus farms and sheep and cattle farms. It was strange to see lambs in the fields although quite the time for them in NZ. Further along the road as it starts to climb into the Waioeka Gorge, one of New Zealand’s scenic reserves, some of the farmhouses are very remote. Not sure they’ll get fibre optic broadband! ;-D It is a beautiful country and a future post will show some photographs of the Waioeka Gorge.