Over the last few weeks I have been building a new website and have decided to archive this blog. It was started as a way of communicating with my C&G students and with C&G and as I am now no longer teaching these courses I think It is the right time to stop posting here. However I have started a new blog from my website which you can find here


The posts on the new blog will be as often as I have something to say or show but I hope you will have a look at the website which to some extent is still a work in progress, and visit the blog. I’ll still be working as Calicostitch, teaching one-off workshops, but my creative time will be spent developing new work and learning new skills. So watch the blog for information. This blog was fun; fulfilled an administrative need while I was an independent C&G tutor, but was also a way to show some of the wonderful work my students produced. I wish them all luck for their personal creative journeys and look forward to seeing them.

3 thoughts on “Archiving

  1. The end of an era Shiela but exciting new beginnings. I’ll look forward to keeping up with you via your new website Sheila. Hope all went as planned with disrupt and we are going to see more of this new fangled technology in your work in the future. Shan x

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    • Thank you Shan. I will keep looking at the new technology but it was also good to get back to what I do and have recently finished a new piece – I hadn’t realised until then how DIS/rupted I’d been feeling. x

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