Over the last few weeks I have been building a new website and have decided to archive this blog. It was started as a way of communicating with my C&G students and with C&G and as I am now no longer teaching these courses I think It is the right time to stop posting here. However I have started a new blog from my website which you can find here


The posts on the new blog will be as often as I have something to say or show but I hope you will have a look at the website which to some extent is still a work in progress, and visit the blog. I’ll still be working as Calicostitch, teaching one-off workshops, but my creative time will be spent developing new work and learning new skills. So watch the blog for information. This blog was fun; fulfilled an administrative need while I was an independent C&G tutor, but was also a way to show some of the wonderful work my students produced. I wish them all luck for their personal creative journeys and look forward to seeing them.

New beginnings

This week I was in London for a few days staying with Calicostitch friend Dorothy Tucker. We went to see the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition at Tate Modern and the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at the V&A which was wonderful. Here is a link to the V&A where you will find more information about Opus Anglicanum.

Opus Anglicanum

However, as well exhibitions and the theatre, we also took time to visit Kew Gardens which apart from being an excellent antidote to the city currently has the most amazing installation in the gardens until next year. Somewhere within Kew, the exact site is a closely guarded secret, there is a real hive of bees. Using technology they have constructed this wonderful structure which is covered with LED lights and every time a bee lands in the real hive a light is switched on in the installation. There is a sound track of the bees – they ‘sing’ in the key of C apparently – and a soundtrack has been made incorporating the sounds from the hive and specially written music. It was very beautiful and peaceful standing within the Hive and listening to these gentle sounds (apart from the children running around that is, half term) and I recommend anyone to visit while it is open. There were also sounding posts where you gripped between your teeth a small piece of wood, like the tea stirrers you are given in some outlets, sticking the other end into a slot in the sound post and you can hear the bees in the real hive through your cheek bones! I kid you not.

The whole visit was most enjoyable and marks the start of the new beginnings in our house. I will be concentrating my teaching on workshops and day schools now that I have stopped teaching C&G but I am also looking forward to producing more of my own work. The TSG has a big project coming up next Spring so this blog will keep you in touch with my progress.

Anyway, here are a few photographs of The Hive, Kew Gardens, London.