Entering the final countdown………..

Samples made…….check, well almost
paper cut…..check
sketchbook looked out…….check
transfer paints bottled up……..check
graphite sticks looked out……..check
slide presentation sorted……..check
new camera bought……….check
lists? lists and lists and lists……

Things still to do? Well, sitting here I don’t think there is so much to do now. I have some more samples I am working on for one of the workshops but they should be finished today or tomorrow and then the big job will be introducing Simon to the pile of bits and pieces that between us we have to pack and get to NZ. And of course I haven’t yet done anything about clothes. What do you take to wear for a New Zealand winter? I’ve been checking the temperatures and I think it will be ok although temperatures in Christchurch will be lower than in the North Island and I have been told they are experiencing some stormy weather. I am pretty sure that coming from Scotland we will be quite used to whatever the Southern Hemisphere throws at us. Short of earthquakes of course. That’s one blessing about our climate and global position.

We have hired a car to take a trip to Gisborne after the teaching commitments are complete and I’m looking forward to that very much. It will be a little holiday before we come home to visit somewhere I’ve known about all my life but never visited.

Hoping to post here and/or Fb while I’m away but time will tell. It may be like taking drawing things on holiday. The intention is there but somehow the days disappear without them ever seeing the light of day. Watch this space……….